Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of July 23, 2000

Coptic Center in Mar Girgus. South-East side.

"The building we teach in has four classrooms, a large dining/kitchen area, and then offices above for their Priest. It has been built in recent years where there used to be a garbage dump."
"The mini-cathedral rooms that are all cement and are absolutely the poorest place to teach English
because of the echoing and the noise of two ceiling fans going on above at high speed. Sometimes when we arrive at 5:30 p.m. the rooms are like ovens, especially Paul's since his room doesn't get any shade at all."

"We have really come to love these young people and hope our efforts will help them."
Omrania-Guiza Medical Clinic in Caritas

"We visited a handicapped facility run by the Catholic Church. It was very touching to learn how these people have learned to help themselves and are teaching other parents of handicapped children how to diagnose their children's needs and how to help them develop some motor skills, etc."
"The original core group of parents were trained by professional social workers. They have recruited other parents and have helped them learn how to deal with a problem that seems hopeless to
them before they join this 'support group'. They have learned how to make their own educational tools such as puzzles and books as well as make-shift types of equipment to help the handicapped learn how to hold up their heads, feed themselves with a spoon, etc."