Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of July 9, 2000

4th of July celebration at the American school in Maadi.

"We went to the big American 4th of July celebration. The American Embassy was sponsoring it here in Maadi. We volunteered to check passports at the gate for an hour."
Coptic Classroom where Elder and Sister Taylor teach English in Mar Girgus, Egypt.

"We are teaching two English classes, two night a week to the Coptic students. By the time we
prepare lessons and correct the home work it pretty much takes most of our time."
Student studying for seminary class at the Cairo Branch building.

"We are still teaching a kind of seminary out of the Book of Mormon once a week."
The Nile river from Cairo, looking west.

"Nancy believes we have at least one or two adventures a day, sometimes more. Even going to the bank is an adventure that takes two hours. But I guess that is what the Lord wants us to do."