Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of August 27, 2000

Madi Temple. Lion's Row Entrance.

"The temple ruins were interesting. I guess Egypt has so many of these types of sights that they hardly bother to capitalize on them as tourist attractions."
Sister Taylor and Sherrie Gerrard by sign for Madi temple built by Amenemhet IV.

"Our GPS told us we had arrived at our destination but we couldn't see anything. We happened to see a motor bike in the distance so we drove to it to see if they knew where the Madi Temple ruins were. Fortunately they did
know, and it was just beyond a rise.".

Madi Temple. "Patches," the Gerrard's dog, for scale.


"It appears as if people had come in over the years and broken all the pots, etc. that were in the ruins because we could see all the
broken pieces in the surrounding sand."
Buried Statue in the Sand.