Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of September 10, 2000

Scuptured Bushes. Morning walk: Digla, Maadi, Cairo.

"Paul and I try to walk every morning before it gets unbearably hot. Today it finally got down to around 90 degrees for our morning walk. Paul took a picture of some of his favorite sculptured trees."
Nancy on a camel. Giza.

"The men insisted on taking pictures of the women on a camel. We were all in dresses besides."
Donkey Cart on Road 200. Digla.

"Nancy and I are still having two or three adventures a day. This country is quite a place. We are really putting the guardian angels that watch over the missionaries to the test. Your mother only flinches about half as much as she used to. I'm not sure if she is getting used to the Cairo traffic or just shutting her eyes more."

Villa along the Nile.