Mission to Cyprus

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of March 18, 2001

Kakopetua, Cyprus.

"Cyprus is beautiful and looks just like what I always imagined Greece to look like. They speak Greek here, but also lots of English so we can manage too easily without having to learn another language. This mission is so
consuming we hardly have time to do any personal things. Once we learn what we are doing, we may have time to take a nap someday."

"There was an old mill that had been converted into a hotel and restaurant. It was beside a running
stream with lots of vegetation around it and a little bridge over it. We think we might go back sometime to eat there. We had some cool drinks there while we marveled at the construction of that old building."
Lefkara, Cyprus.

We stopped at a few mountain villages where we bought two big bags of fresh fruit and vegetables. Our friend purchased 2 large crocheted table cloths where the crocheted work was all hand done. The Lefkara Lace is more expensive and we did get to visit that village where it originated."

Troodas Mountains.

"We drove home from the airport
through the Troodas Mountains and stopped to see a waterfall. It had a narrow winding path along a little stream which at the end was a waterfall. It was a beautiful, cool spot where shepherds used to bring their animals to water years ago."