Mission to Cyprus

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of April 1, 2001

Picnic Table at Coral Bay.

"Our Branch is very much like a singles' branch. There a few older singles and a few married people, but mostly young people and the missionaries. The branch members, investigators, and all but two of the young missionaries on the island went on an excursion to Pafos. We took our food which they carried in the luggage compartment of the bus until we found an idle flat bed trailer in a beautiful meadow along the beach which we used for a table."

Mosaic Floor.at Pafos.

"There is interesting history for all the Roman ruins, the catacombs, etc. My favorite thing to see was the mosaic floors in the remains of some ancient dwellings of the rich and famous. They still have bright colors and look like sculpted carpets."
Tomb of the Kings.

"The catacombs were fun
to go in, and the missionaries loved posing for hero shots. The tombs of the kings reminded us of things we have seen in Egypt. We didn't have a guide book for it until we came out. But we did manage to get a group photo of everyone except the one taking the picture. Paul had about 14 cameras
hanging on his arm."

Tomb of the Kings. Pafos, Cyprus.