Mission to Cyprus

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of May 13, 2001

Skouriotissa Copper Mine.

"Our landlord mentioned his olive tree farm was next to the only
operating Copper Mine on Cyprus, and Paul nearly jumped out of his chair. This is the only mine left operating on Cyprus. There have been many mines
in the past but they are either mined out, or in the Turkish zone. Not much happens in the Turkish zone."

Working Bench.

"The mine has been in operation for thousands of years. The copper mines of Cyprus made it possible for the Bronze age to take place. The mines are very rich. The early ore was over 20% copper. Later it dropped to 6%. Today they are mining about 0.5% (just a little above the grade of Gingham)."
Pillow Lavas.

"These are classic pillow lavas, which form when the molten basalts make contact with sea water and rims are formed around
fragments as they cool and interact with the water. If you look close you can see the rims around the classic oblong-to-rounded lava body shapes that look like pillows."
Slag Pile dated 1500 B.C: A protected antiquity.

"Some of the older mined out portions of the mine are now
protected antiquity dumps. It is ironic that mine dumps and slag piles are now classified as historic sites and can't be moved or disturbed.."