Mission to Cyprus

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of May 6, 2001

Flowering Bushes at Park.

"We have found a wonderful park about half a mile from where we live. The park is so beautiful. Right now the orange trees are in blossom and the fragrance is so delightful whenever we pass by one of them. There must be several miles of pathways that are delineated with stone borders. They form quite a maze within the park. It has so much vegetation that you can seldom see more than a few yards beyond the path."
Bougainvillea along Street.

"The Bougainvillea bushes have been in full bloom this past month, and are so thick and brilliant they almost take your breath away. There is one we pass every time we go out in the car that Paul finally took a picture of."
Drinking Water Dispenser.

"The other night on the way home, we had the two sister missionaries with us and we had to stop for water. Everyday, a big stainless steel tanker truck comes and fills the dispenser up. People bring big 20 lilter plastic cans (that look like gas cans) and fill them up for 50 cents. The truck also goes through neighborhoods and fills up cans that are put out in front of the buildings. The people usually put 75 cents in saran wrap just inside the lid where the man who fills them can get the money before he fills the can. "
Mouflon Sheep.

"We hiked up to an area nearby where they have a protected herd of Mouflon Sheep. It was a bit difficult to take pictures of them because there was a chain link fence between them and us. It took some work to figure out how to get a good picture without the fencing blocking the view of the animals."