Mission to Cyprus

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of August 19, 2001

Top of St. Lazarus Church. Larnaca, Cyprus.

"We bribed the missionaries into keeping a financial record for the
month of June and promised the companionship that did the best job, a sightseeing trip anywhere on the island they wanted to go. The sisters did the best job, of course, and so we took them to Larnaca. We visited St. Lazarus Church again and a Muslim Mosque on the shores of Salt Lake."

Important Safety Tip.

"We also got a chuckle from a sign we passed by the side of the lake."

18th Century Larnaca Aqueduct. Sister Missionaries used for scale.

"We visited an ancient aqueduct that was built in the 18th century and was still used until 1930. The part that is left spans a wide gully. All the rest has been destroyed to build housing."

Statue of Hercules.

"There was an archeological museum we visited that had wonderful pottery from ancient times. Most of it had been broken and was glued together. There
was a sandstone statue of Hercules and busts of several other important men.."

Gears or Wheels?

"Outside they had some interesting displays of huge ancient carvings,
tools, etc. We were taken by what we thought might be stone gears, but then decided they had to be wheels. There were no signs there to tell us."