Mission to Cyprus

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of September 16, 2001

Brother and Sister Taylor will complete their mission in early October, and they will be returning to the United States. They are scheduled to give their homecoming address on October 14 in the Red Rocks ward.

Baptism in the Mediterranean Sea.

"We are staying real busy and trying to keep up with all that is happening. It just seems that every thing is exploding all around us. We are experiencing a side of
Missionary work that we didn't know existed. It has been interesting to say the least."

Kykkos Monastery.

"We also visited Kykkos Monastery which is fairly new. I must say it is the most beautiful one I have seen since we came to this mission. There are hundreds of mosaic murals on the walls. And the setting is so impressive in the tops of the Troodos mountains."

Murals in the Kykkos Monastery.

Bell Tower of the Kykkos Monastery.