Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of January 7, 2001

Our Favorite Bakery.

"The baker was making pancakes by the hundreds. People fill them with cheese or with sweet mixtures. They pinch the uncooked sides together causing them to hold the fillings in and then they deep fry them. Everyone loves them."

Fruit and Vegetable Market.

"Right now the produce is the nicest I have seen here. Because the weather is cooler, it doesn't look so wilted and near spoiling. Also the produce seems to grow better. The peppers are double in size and the oranges too. Watermelons are back in season, but somehow we can't gear up for cold watermelon but we have been eating a lot of fresh strawberries."

Egyptian Dog House.

"In one of the alley ways we came across a dog sleeping on a car. That is very common around here. Animals walk all over your car, and you know it because they leave footprints."

Ataba Meat Market.

"We saw the butchered goats with their carcasses hanging on one side of the street and their skinned out heads and feet on a table across the street. The shop keeper did not like us taking the picture."