Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of December 31, 2000

Coptic Church Library in Ataba, Egypt.

"One Church we visited had a library where they sold Coptic paraphernalia. The interesting thing about it was the tree growing out of the building. They had even cut a hole in the wall to allow the tree branch to go through."
St. Mary's Coptic Churchin Ataba, Egypt.

"The Coptics seemed to be really taken with mummies and parts of mummies. They have display cases in their churches where they have these. Of course they are covered in red velvet, but there are guides who unlock the cases and remove the coverlets."
Miracle Wall. St. Marina's Coptic Church.

"When we were in one of the
Churches, there was a woman who was spraying the display cabinets with perfume. We were told that women do this all the time when they feel strongly that a miracle happened to them because they had prayed there."
St. Marina Coptic Church. Ataba, Egypt.

"This church is where they claim to have a well visited by the Holy Family when they left Egypt. There is a big sign and picture depicting the phrase, "Out of Egypt have I called my son."