Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of January 28, 2001

Solar Boat, Giza.

"Our Mission President and his wife and our Area President were here to visit us a few weeks ago for 24 hours. We are now in the Europe Central Area and Elder Carmack is visiting this mission for the first time. We enjoyed spending some time with them at the pyramids where we visited the solar boat house. When you go in you have to put on booties to protect the floors."
Breakfast Bar

"We live close to the railroad tracks and hear the trains regularly. Early in the morning, there is a man who brings in a breakfast bar pulled by a
donkey. He parks it right next to the tracks and has an amazingly large clientele. They sit on the tracks to eat. I was finally able to get Paul to take a picture of it. In fact there are two such places about 500 feet apart."
"Our road has just been paved. For several nights, we had road paving equipment and all its noise. Paul was like his grandsons, he had to go out and watch the trucks in the middle of the night. One piece of equipment shook our building like an earthquake. There was also a car that couldn't be moved. I guess they couldn't find the owner, so they just paved around it. About a week later they came back and paved it."

Mataria Auto Body Paint Shop