Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of February 11, 2000

Mataria Kindergarten.

"One of our Humanitarian projects was to visit a Kindergarten in Mataria. It is run by Caritas Egypte, an international charity of the Catholic Church. We feel it is a good project for our Church to help with, and so we took pictures of the present one and the new facility that is nearing completion."
"The playground was quite
attractive with a cheerful mural painted on the wall and the equipment painted bright colors. The dirt looked like it has been swept and absolutely no trash was visible anywhere--not even on the roof. Parents pay a very modest fee to place their children in this school, but most cannot afford to pay anything and so they are provided this service free of charge."

"They have infants and children up to 6 years old. In the nursery we saw some babies sleeping in cribs, but they were totally covered with blankets so all we really saw was the shape of something underneath."
"There is an open garden space on
ground level where they have left 2 large mature trees. They have a large sliding solid metal door in the outside wall so trucks, etc., can drive in with big loads. But they placed the door right in front of one of those trees because that made it centered on the outside. Now either the tree will have to go or the door will only allow people to pass through."

"We were so impressed with how clean the director keeps the kindergarten.. She is certainly not like most Egyptians. And she is so proud of how clean the toilet facilities are for the children. That's the first thing she checks on each day."