Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of November 26, 2000

Thanksgiving in Cairo.

"We had Thanksgiving dinner with an Egyptian/American family last night. It is a tradition the American husband has continued with his family. He cooks the turkey, but his wife does most of the rest."
"He was raised LDS in Los Angeles but has been a member of the Coptic Orthodox Church now for 17 years. We work with him in the English program he has set
up for their young people."
"All of us spoke English except his mother-in-law which made it more comfortable for us. But we still have a hard time following what they say in English."
"He asked me to bring pies
which is something he hasn't been successful at making. He was really thrilled to have some real pumpkin pie with Cool Whip. I made three pumpkin and three apple which I left for them. There were a total of 15 of us, so I'm sure they can go through those in no time at all."