Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of December 3, 2000

Alexandria, Egypt.

"We made a trip to Alexandria
to follow up with some internet referrals. We were only able to see one of our referrals due to time
restraints (it is a 3 hour drive one way), but we will be going back."
"It was literally such 'a breath of fresh air' to be there. The sky looked so blue and the water too, although it is too polluted for swimming. There is a road running all around the harbor there, and we ate lunch at one of their restaurants where we could look out at the beautiful view."
"We took a few minutes to go with our contact to see some Roman ruins right there in the middle of the downtown area. The city was founded by Alexander the Great. The ruins have been left in their natural state, and they have
built an amphitheater on the other side of the big stage area, which
compliments the old ruins. Everything looked so white to us."
"We tried to visit an old fort/castle there on the water front but only a
small part of it was open to tourists. The fee to get in was the same, so we decided to go another time when we can take it all in. It served as a lighthouse to ancient mariners."
   "Mark (of New Testament fame) was the one who took the gospel to Alexandria. The Coptic Orthodox Church claims he is their founder, and that he is where
they get their authority. We visited the cathedral of Saint Mark which is also hidden away among the tall business buildings of downtown. It was much nicer inside than the ones we have seen here. It is supposed to be the largest one they have in Egypt."