Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of November 5, 2000

Decision 2000.

"There is an election coming up. There are campaign posters hanging all over the city. The posters are all made of fabric."
Know the Candidates.

"Since not all voters can read, each candidate has chosen a symbol to put on his posters. One symbol is the scale of Justice, another is a camel, one is an airplane, and another is a gun. One candidate has his picture painted on his signs."
Get out and Vote.

"I have no idea of what the Arabic says or when the election takes place. It must be soon, because there is getting to be more each day with no space left to hang one. It is more festive looking than anything else."
Banners in the local meat market.

"White chickens for white meat, foreground; dark chickens for dark meat, background."