Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of April 30, 2000

"We might be working with the Coptics teaching evening English classes at the American University in downtown Cairo. We are waiting for permission from
our mission president and for an interview with a Coptic priest. In the meantime we decided to visit the Coptic museum and cathedral in Old Cairo."
"The place we visited is built where the Holy Family (i.e. Joseph, Mary, and Jesus) supposedly stayed when
they came to Egypt. There is also a Greek Orthodox cathedral, a
monastery, a Greek Orthodox cemetery (with no grass), and a Jewish synagogue all in the
same area. There is lots of restoration taking place at this site so we couldn't see everything that is there."

"The papyri--gospel of Thomas is one of the important discoveries of the 20th century. It is definitely Christian mixed with ism."

"3rd Century Hymnal. Moses is shown on the left."
"We have been asked to be out and about so people can see us, especially Dad in his white shirt and tie and me in a dress. However we can't wear our
badges which would really help people take notice."