Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of May 14, 2000

Rural Life

"One place where we stopped to take a picture of rural life in Egypt, the children came running across the canal to beg for money. So it is hard to stop and take pictures everywhere you would like."
Rural Villa

"We saw lots of mud-hut type
dwellings with palm fronds used on top for shade. One place we stopped to take a picture had one of these huts in a wheat field/palm grove on one side of the road, and two beautiful villas on the other side. There is no such thing as zoning from what we can tell,
even in the downtown areas."
"It would be impossible to count the numbers of high-rise, cement apartment houses that you see everywhere. There is always clothes drying on racks
attached to the sides of the building just below the windows or the balconies. We were shown an apartment complex with a big light-colored streak down the side. (Not the one shown here.)
Four years ago one of the members of our Branch had helped someone move from
an apartment there and decided to empty the water bed out the window. It washed the wall off and it still shows up clearly."
 Market across the street from apartment.