Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of June 18, 2000

 "Our adult seminary class meets every Wednesday evening for about an hour and a half. We have had five attend so far. It is interesting to learn what the Arabic Book of Mormon calls some of our words. For instance, instead of saying a river of water, it describes what we would call an oasis with water springing forth from the ground. Our students all read Arabic, but can read a little English. So we have a challenge to get our thoughts across."

Cairo Branch Chapel.
"The branch party was an outdoor BBQ in the backyard of the church. It was the last day of
school for the Cairo American College (all ages K through 12 go there). Many of the families leave for the summer when school is over, so it is the last chance to get everyone together. They had fun tossing balloons full of water using a blanket held by two people. As you might expect it ended up with people throwing the balloons of water at each other."
Sister Taylor teaching piano lessons to Bosko.

"We have a lovely grand
piano that was donated to the Branch. It is quite a different thing to play than the electronic keyboard that the Church has for people to take home and use for practicing."