Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of June 11, 2000

 "We took Huesin, the man who cleans for us once a week, to the town where his family lives. He has built a home there by himself, and he has responsibility for his sister and her four daughters. One is about to be married and he has spent "much money" getting a dowry ready for her."
"Huesin is very proud of his house. You get a good view of the surrounding village from the rooftop. The roof is thick enough that it keeps the interior of the house quite comfortable with just a ceiling fan to move the air. They keep their chickens, ducks and pigeons on the roof."
"Huesin's family is Bedouin, and they have lots of traditions surrounding marriages. There were men and boys putting up the lights for a big engagement party. The guys had to shinny up the pole to hook the string of lights in the center. They had two of these "goal posts" and had their carpets ready to spread out on the ground between them. It takes a great deal of ones resources to marry off a daughter."

 Sister Taylor at donkey cart fabric sale.