Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of April 16, 2000

Digla, Egypt (suburb of Cairo)

"We have moved into an apartment in a place outside
Maadi, called Digla. The apartment complex is 8 months old and we have a three-bedroom place with lots of room (with air-conditioning, which we
are presently using) Haven't done too much missionary work, other than introduce ourselves to many people in town and who live in the
Kitchen of Apartment.

"We had no water this AM when we got up. Fortunately I have been filling our bottles of drinking water with water from the tap as we empty them. So we had enough to make do for a few hours."
Living room of apartment.

"There is a old saying here: 'Admit you may not be right, but
don't be in denial.' Only here in Egypt does it work."

Road in front of apartment.

"There is lots of construction around our apartment. The homeless people camp out in these buildings until they are enclosed and locked up. So when they are cooking we get the smoke from their fires. Our hearts go out to these people knowing that we are not able to do more than smile and be polite. It is against the law to proselyte here in Egypt and forbidden to teach any Egyptian.