Week of September 1, 2002

Post Garden Hotel.

Our apartment is on the 8th floor. I expected to find the apartment cleaner than it was, but I was sadly disappointed. One of the problems is that burning coal puts a greasy dark film on everything. We spent Sunday, our anniversary, unpacking and cleaning.
The New Kitchen.

I cooked my first meal this evening. Of course it was all veggies. I had found some bagel bread, butter, and apples when I went shopping today so that helped to fill us up. The lady who lived here before loved to bake and has left 40 lbs. of sugar. I don't know how that will ever get used up with only a small toaster oven to bake in. I had to throw out a lot of stuff she had because it smelled bad or I didn't know what it was.

Lu Peng and Ni Hui.

Paul and I split up today. We could get more done if I went to shop for an ironing board and such while he went to shop for a printer. We each had student escorts to facilitate matters. When we were on our mission, we always had to go together. So this seemed like a novel idea!