Week of September 8, 2002

Canal Bridge on the Campus of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunicatons.

The canals that we cross are open sewage water ways and I have to hold my breath when I cross them.

Tree Lined Walking Path.

We took a walk through campus. The tall trees provide lots of shade over the walks and give relief from the intense sun.
"Cobblestone" Paths.

The stones are fairly small; set apart; and set so that the narrowest part is sticking up above the mortar about 1/4 " or so. People walk across it for several minutes in a flat-footed way to massage their feet. They wear shoes, of course, but you can feel the tips of the stones through the soles of one's shoes. We have seen a couple of these so far--they must be all over.

Giant Lily Pad Pool.

The pond is full of lilies with leaves at least 30" in diameter. Someone said they are lotus, but the lotus in Egypt doesn't look like that. So I don't know.