Week of September 29, 2002

Nancy by the NUPT Campus Bulletin Board.

Chinese written characters are very artistic and beautiful, but we have no clue what they mean. There are supposed to be at least 6000 different characters and someone said 60,000. We'll have to find out for sure.
Nancy Buying Eggs.

You never know what you can buy along the streets. People set up any kind of shop right there on the street. They mend your clothes with their sewing machines, or they repair your shoes and handbags. Or they repair your bicycle.
Wedding Party.

We saw a bride and groom and wedding party on the front
steps of our hotel, and so we took a picture of them. They had a party that night on our same floor. Did they ever make a lot of noise, and did they ever leave a big mess for the maids to clean up.
  English Corner.

Friday evenings they hold "English Corner". It's totally unstructured and students gather in front of the new fountain from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. They get together to speak and hear English, which has usually been Paul and me. I talk 'till I lose my voice and then it's time to leave.