Week of September 23, 2002

Nanjing, Looking East toward Purple Mountain.

Bicycles are everywhere in China. They are the main form of transportation as far as we can tell. On the big main streets there are
bicycle lanes on both sides of the road where everyone rides their bicycles.
Goldfish in Park near Fabric Store.

Paul discovered a lovely park just across the street from the fabric store. There is a huge gold fish pond, and some of the goldfish looked like they were over a foot long.

Nancy with Kite Flyers on Street.

Paul is amazed at how they can fly kites in the city between power lines and tall buildings.

Construction Behind Our Apartment.

Just behind our hotel they are working 24 hours per day to
put in a sewer line. It makes for lots of noise at night, but it is a sign of progress. When they can quit using the open sewer canals, that will really be a major improvement.