Week of October 20, 2002

Hunan Province, Southwestern China.

We had a 7-day break for the National holiday and so we took a 5-day trip to Hunan Province in southwestern China. We were with other China teachers and
the tour was great

Boatman on the Teojing River

We also visited an island in the river that goes through the city. Years ago it was where all the imperialists lived. Now it has a memorial park dedicated to Mao Zedong. Rather ironic, since he hated imperialists.
Kitchen in the Best Restaurant in the Miao Village.

We were eating at a restaurant on our trip to Hunan, and Nancy saw how things are in the Kitchen. I told her I didn't want know, and it was interesting to watch her as she ate what was served. Then she tells me how they were washing all
the serving dishes on the floor. We haven't got sick yet, so I guess we
must have all the bugs in our system by now.

Symbols for Blessings and Longevity.

I especially liked the large Chinese characters that represent longevity and blessings. These are painted on side walls of a covered pavilion. The carving on the ceiling was ornate and there were several carvings at the entrances that showed great workmanship.