Week of October 28, 2002

Shaoshan, China.

Shaoshan is the birthplace of Mao, and it also the location of the retirement home built for him by the government. They have made it quite a tourist sight with all the shops that go along with it and a huge statue of Mao. Most of what is available to buy is pictures, medallions, and small replicas of Mao Zedong. He truly is their national hero.
View from Mao's Birthplace Home.

The home he grew up in is only a few miles from his villa. It was probably one of the larger homes that peasants had in those
days. It is very crude by today's standards, but probably the
best a peasant had in those days.
Crab on a Stick.

Some of the Chinese tourists were fascinated to see Americans and wanted to have their pictures taken with us. We were most intrigued with the grilled, whole crabs they were eating--shells and all--that were on sticks just like a popsicle.
  Orange Island Butterfly Sculpture with Lovers.

She is a weaver; he is a goatherder.