Week of November 3, 2002

Near Dehang Village.

Near the Dehang Village is a mountainous area where we saw some of the most spectacular scenery on the earth. The bus didn't stop enough to suit us and so we were frantically trying to take pictures through the windows. It was like what you expect to see in China with all the terracing and rice paddies with steep mountain cliffs soaring above and cloudy mists
encircling them. Only the Miao people live there.
Miao People.

The Miao people, known as Mongs in Vietnam, Thailand
and USA, are a minority group that was originally living in the lowlands, but were pushed back into the high mountain regions. They have tried to retain their own culture, but have been willing to accept some modern technology.

Singing in the Rain.

We were scheduled to have lunch
there first thing. We had to stand outside in the rain while they sang
songs to us and we had to sing to them before we could enter where the tables were set. They were very low to the floor as were the chairs.
  Miao Girls.

The girls were all dressed in the native costume. They have tried to create a type of cultural center there much like the Polynesian Center near BYU Hawaii. After dinner we were invited to visit in the homes of some of the families and then there was an entertainment show of traditional dancing and singing. It was absolutely delightful. It made the whole trip worthwhile to visit them and their mountains.