Week of November 25, 2002

Oral English Section

We have been having students come twice a week for a family night activity. We have so many students that we have to do it that often to give each one a chance to come once. We show them the video of Johnny Lingo and play UNO.
Free Silk Worm Larvae Snacks

Authentic Chinese food is not what we are used to in the U.S. 80% of
the fresh produce and "meat" that we see in the markets we cannot identify. We think the Chinese must eat everything on the earth that is edible--from vegetables to insects. They prepare bean curd (tofu) about 100 different ways. One thing they really like is chicken feet, but Nancy doesn't plan to try them.

Woman with Her Wares for Sale

People set up shop right on the street. They mend your clothes with their sewing machines, or they repair your shoes and handbags, belts. Or they repair your bicycle.
  Motorized Rickshaw

For lack of a better term, we call the cheaper cabs, motorized rickshaws. They have 3 wheels and a covering over the passengers and usually the driver too. We haven't tried one yet, but they are almost as numerous as the regular taxis. The price is probably more in keeping with what the average working person here can afford.