Week of December 8, 2002

Preparations for 60th Anniversary

NUPT's 60th anniversary is in December. They are planning a great celebration. The alumni is invited back and they are fixing up the campus. Lots of washing of buildings and getting the grounds spruced up.
Potted Plants Aplenty

They bring in potted plants,
literally thousands of them and put them along the road ways, pathways front of buildings, on patio's, an so on. There are
literally hundreds of workers swarming around the campus doing all the washing, building, remodeling, painting and every thing else you can imagine

Flowering Kale.

The flowers are mostly the purple and white flowering Kale. They have mums, a type of zinnia, and some huge mums, plus hundreds of azaleas.
  The Hotel Gets a New Look Too.

Our hotel looks pretty fancy with the little fence they put up at the last
minute with wrought-iron, lights, and shiney black tiled base. The hotel lobby was full of hundreds of tall green plants and poinsettias. Later they spread them out throughout the floors and we have some just outside our door.