Week of December 29, 2002

Nancy on Christmas Eve.

Our little Christmas tree is made of tinsel and stands about 24 inches high. All the ornaments are oversized for such a little tree, and the lights all blink on and off together which is hard to watch. We do have some Christmas
music to play, and the campus is decorated with lights--but not to celebrate Christmas, but their 60th anniversary.
Foreign Teacher Christmas Party

On December 23, the Provincial government sponsored a Christmas party for all the foreign teachers. The buffet was beautifully arranged with all kinds of food--all Chinese of course. The foreign affairs office arranged for two students to escort us. It was a major thrill for them to
attend such an affair.
Opening Ceremonies NUPT 60th Anniversary

It was terrible day for the celebration, which was held outside. It rained the day before, all day during the ceremonies, and it is snowing today.
  Dancers at Opening Ceremonies.

The anniversary celebration was quite a festive affair: colorful banners, huge tethered
helium filled balloons, confetti shot from cannons, and great entertainment (after the speeches). It was just as good as sitting in the rain at Coors Field during a rain delay.