Week of February 9, 2003

The Rock Art of Xu Zhou

In Xu Zhou they have a lot of neat limestone rocks. Some pieces are so huge it takes a crane to move them. Some are a little bit smaller, where they only need 100 men and levers. I thought after looking at many, many, many, many, many efforts on the behalf of at least a dozens artists, we should do a posting on "Rock Art." Click here to see more rock art.
Terra Cotta Warriors

Also in Xuzhou there are some recently excavated tombs of the ancient rulers. They discovered miniature terra cotta warriors in one of these--about 18" tall. (In Xi'an there are some famous ones that are life-sized--discovered in 1974.)
Sacred Avenue of Zhu Yaun Zhang

The sacred avenue at the burial grounds of Zhu Yaun Zhang, sometimes called the "stone elephant road," is lined with stone animals. Sometimes the animals are kneeling and sometimes they are standing. I am not sure of the significance of this, but it must mean something. Click here to see more animals.
  The Nanjing Wall

We visited the Nanjing wall. It is an old wall that went around the old city. It is unique in that it followed the contours of the land and not in a rectangle, like most city walls. There is over 20 miles of wall still intact. When they expand for roads, etc, they just cut though it, but leave either side intact.