Week of February 16, 2003

Cruise on the Yangtze River.

Our cruise on the Yangtze river began in the city of Wuhan. While we were there we visited the Yellow Crane Pavilion which is on the highest hill of the city. It was recently rebuilt and has an elevator so we could go to the top without climbing 100's of stairs. The interior walls have beautiful mosaic paintings two stories high. We couldn't see very far from the top because of the foggy, polluted air.
"4 Star" Cruise Ship.

It was a 5 hr. bus ride from Wuhan to where the boat was docked. We passed through a brand new city that has been built to house thousands of people who have been relocated because of the dam project which will cause the
waters to begin rising June 2003. China gives a conservative figure of 1.5 million will have to be relocated.
Daning River Bridge at Wu Shan.

The full expanse of the dam will be finished by June, 2003, when
the water will begin to rise. The river level is now about 50 meters above sealevel. It will rise to 175 meters when the dam is completed. The lake water will be 7 meters below the top of the bridge span. The views of the 3 gorges area will be changed forever with much of it being under water. Some cities have to be completely torn down to prevent navigational problems.
  Orange Barges Near Yichang.

There were barges everywhere loaded with oranges. The gorge area is noted for it's oranges and the farmers carry the fruit down the steep sides of the gorge to the river where the barges pick them up.