Week of March 9, 2003

Marj, Diane, and Nancy on the Shanghai Skyline.

Shanghai is impressive. We don't know how Shanghai rates with other large cities of the world, but it is really first rate. We had never seen so many different architectural designs for skyscrapers. And at night they were spectacularly lighted. Of course it was their big holiday time, the equivalent of Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years all wrapped into one.
Suzhou Silk Factory.

At the silk factory where we were shown a fashion show as soon as we walked in. Of course they have a big room to take you to where you can purchase silk quilts, duvets, sheets, and pillowcases.
Suzhou Silk Factory.

We toured the factory where they extract the silk threads from the cocoons and where they open up another type of cocoon and spread it on a frame to dry. Then they stretch those out and place them on top of each other to make a quilt batt.
  Shanghai Nights

One street in Shanghai we made it a point to see was Nanjing Road. It is supposed to be the most "prosperous" street in China.
It is several blocks long and has three McDonald's restaurants among the many others. There were so many people you can hardly find a place for yourself to walk. Nancy, Diane, and Marj had a great time shopping.