Week of February 23, 2003

The Three Gorges Area.

We spent four nights and three days on the Yangtze River cruise through the Three Gorges area. It is considered one of the ten most famous scenic spots and historical sites in China. The river has been the life blood of Chinese civilization in that area throughout the years. The steep mountain cliffs and high peaks are not the easiest places to live and work, but because of the access to the river people have lived near its banks for centuries. (In most places there is no bank and the mountains ascend up almost vertically from the waters edge.)
Wu Gorge, near Wu Shan.

When the gorge floods this abandoned house will be under water. The tradeoff for the benefits the dam will bring is the loss of ancient relics to be found all along the gorges. Archeologists are finding more and more all the time and having to make the difficult decision as to which are to be moved and saved in the amount of time that is left to do so..
Barge and Bedrock.

Paul was one of the few who stayed on the top deck most of the time to get a first hand look at all the outcrops. The weather was poor for picture taking and usually is. We had to purchase of book of pictures to see what is visible on a clear day.

Chongqing is the largest city in China with 33 million people. When the dam is complete this city will be China's largest port. It's at the height above sea level that the river will rise to. The plan is to someday pipe part of the water to more northern parts of China where they have water shortages.