Mission to Cyprus

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of April 22, 2001

Office Building that the Nicosia Branch Meets in.

"We live just two blocks from the Church which makes it very handy for us. The Church meets in an office building on the first floor. (Not the ground floor). When our mission President is here, he borrows our car to visit the other two branches on the island. We can still get back and forth to the Church just as fast as we can drive it."
Church Sign in the Building Entrace.

"We have parking spaces below in the basement where the missionaries are able to park their bikes and the few members with cars can park their vehicles. It is still quite new, and the nicest meetings space in the entire mission. But, we are growing out of it, and we have been assigned to find a bigger place."

Chapel Area.

"We have 3 classrooms, an office, two bathrooms, a foyer, and two tiny kitchens. We have a tiny refrigerator in one, and a small cooker (stove) in the other."
Pot Luck Lunch on the Patio Space.

"Today we had our monthly pot-luck after the block of meetings. We smell casseroles and food cooking all during our meetings on this day. There is a deck/balcony that our hallway opens on to where we set up our eight tables. Today we had more people for dinner than we could seat out there. "