Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of October 1, 2000

Paul's Level 2 English Class, 2nd Semester.

"We took pictures of our English classes so we could give each student one. Of course we waited to do that on a day many students
were not there. Now we have decided to always have the camera with us so if we have a day when everyone is there we can take the picture."

Nancy's Level 3 English Class, 2nd Semester.

"We are pretty busy teacjomg English classes. By the time we
prepare lessons and correct the home work it pretty much takes most of our time."
Ramon's Mosaic: CEOSS

"Ramon signed a contract to do a huge mural of a recently deceased man. He had seven months to do it; he worked 10 hours per day everyday. When the unveiling ceremony was held, lights were positioned on the man's face as the curtain was dropped, and his widow broke into tears she was so moved by what he had done."

Another Ramon Mosaic