Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of October 22, 2000

Alexandra Assouad and her son, Karim, who is one day old.

"Our Branch President, Karim Assouad, and his wife, Alexandra had their first baby about 2 weeks ago. The doctors here always try to convince the women to have C-sections rather than normal deliveries."
Branch President Karim Assouad and his son Julian.

"President Assouad speaks
Arabic, French, and English all day everyday. He's a great one to have as our leader because of his ability to communicate with everyone. He is a returned missionary and very strong in the gospel. Paul has a good time joking with him as well as having gospel discussions concerning the work here in Egypt"

Joseph, Losina, and baby Emma.

"We were invited to a home of some Sudanese people who are not members of our Church but who have started to come. They are out of work and they probably got word that our Church helps the Sudanese members every month with commodities.

Nancy with baby Emma.

"There have been reports that in the Sudan they are killing the Sudanese Christians who will not convert to Islam, and this may account for why there are about 5 million of them here in Cairo. They are at the very bottom of the social ladder and work for slave wages if they can even find work."