Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of December 10, 2000

Abou Za'abol Leprosarium.

"We took our Mission President, his wife, and the Branch President to the Abou Za'abol leprosy facility. It is administered by Caritas Egypte, which is a Catholic
charity. LDS Charities has made some donations to this group, and they were happy to show us any or all of their projects here in this part of Egypt."

"We met one 52 year old woman who came there when she was only six years old. Both her legs have been amputated and most of each of her fingers is missing. But her face is beautiful! She lived in a room with two other women which she keeps neat and cleaner than most. She has two prosthesis for legs which enables her to be somewhat mobile. The prosthetic devices are made right there at the facility along with medical shoes for the patients."
"We visited the playground and the little children just swarmed around us. About 140 children live in the compound. The older ones go to community schools outside the colony. Families choose to live here because one or both
parents has had the disease and living among their own is more comfortable for them. They are no longer contagious but rely heavily on the support of the clinic for medication and treatment."
Papaya Trees in Women's Section.

"There are facilities to teach the women how to do hand and machine sewing as well as operate knitting machines. They have some vocational training for the men as well. The goal is to help them become as self-sufficient as possible. The men farm the surrounding land with crops of prickly pear."
  "The leprosy colony visit was quite moving. The dedication of the catholic sisters for these people is quite remarkable. They have dedicated their lives to helping these people. I really think this is what Christ meant when he said 'Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these . . .'"