Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of December 17, 2000

Ataba, Egypt. Monastery of Saint Theodore.

"One of Paul's English students has been wanting to take us to see some of the Coptic Orthodox Churches and Monasteries."
Saint Theodore killing a dragon.

"The Monastery is named after a Monk, Saint Theodore. He lived in the dessert and was fed by ravens and drank from a well there. They say he is not Elijah, although the story has its parallels."
Inner Courtyard.

"It is really a modern type of building compared to other things here. And it was very clean
looking and peaceful inside the walls."
The Well of Saint Theodore.

"To avoid offending our friend and guide we had to drink some of the
water from the well. We suffered no adverse affects--which is a miracle!"