Mission to Egypt

April 2000 - September 2001

Week of December 24, 2000

Primary Christmas Program, Cairo Branch.

"The primary sponsored a Branch Christmas party, and the children portrayed the first Christmas scene. We had white and black angels! The baby Jesus was our Branch President's 3-month old son dressed in a red jumpsuit. So he didn't look quite like a new-born. Only in Egypt can you see the diversity of all the people in this skit."

Ramses School for Girls, Cairo Egypt.

"These are the little kindergarten girls that we tell stories to in English each week. They are such beautiful little girls! But even though they are dressed in uniforms, they can be pretty
rough--pushing each other around trying to get the seat they want. Paul refers to them as baby lions.

Paul telling flannel board stories.

"The flannel boards that are furnished are terribly inadequate, and so Paul uses his sweater to hold some of the pieces. He tells the stories in ways that they have never heard or will never hear again."
Adult Seminary Class, Cairo Branch.

"We were able to borrow a few copies of the Book of Mormon Stories from Branch members. I wanted to use it to tell the story of Ammon to our Seminary class. The pictures and dialog proved to be a big hit and we decided we ought to use them as much as possible."