Week of September 15, 2002

Bicycle Parking at Peak Class Hours on NUPT Campus.

Bicycles are everywhere in China. They are the main form of transportation as far as we can tell. On the big main streets there are
bicycle lanes on both sides of the road where everyone rides their bicycles.

Bicycle Port.

There is even covered parking for bicycles. On rainy days they have a specially designed poncho they wear to keep dry. They have all kinds of carriers on them as well to carry other people, tanks of propane, five-liter bottles of water, and so on.

Campus Pagoda

There are very few Caucasians in Nanjing, and we catch quite a few looks as we walk around town due to our nationality and size. Still, Americans seem to be welcome here; we certainly have been warmly greeted and treated courteously.

Women's Restroom in Hotel Lobby.