Week of April 13, 2003

Paul and Nancy Update

We are doing well. Some of the China teachers in other provinces
are returning home early. We all have been given that option if we want to leave. Right now we don't feel there is a risk here in Nanjing.

Two Boys

Two darling little boys were playing along the side of the street. Their
mother was in a parked bus and told them to put their "wreaths" back on their heads while I took their picture. One stiffened up like a soldier at attention.
Budding Artist

This girl, whose English name is Nancy, takes a drawing class once a week and has drawn some amazing pictures. On the sofa, she is holding up one of a bird. She really has a gift! So many Chinese are able to create masterful works, from paper cutting and carving to embroidered pictures that look as if they were painted.

Postcard Girl

This little girl ran over a kilometer following us until we stopped so she could sell us some post cards.




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